Licensed Captives

Detailed below are the general steps involved in forming a captive insurance company in North Carolina:

Company NameDate LicensedType
29SC Insurance, Inc.November 01, 2019Pure
92nd Insurance, LLCDecember 01, 2022Pure
ACRE Captive, Inc.May 01, 2019Pure
Adelante Insurance, LLCDecember 01, 2022Pure
Aegis Insurance Company, Inc.December 01, 2016Protected Cell
Aerostar Insurance Company, Inc.December 22, 2017Pure
Aesir Series LLC dba Aesir Insurance Company, LLCJuly 03, 2017Special Purpose
Agent Associates Insurance, LLCJuly 29, 2014Special Purpose
AHS Capital IC, Ltd.November 08, 2019Pure
Alameda Protection, Inc.October 17, 2014Pure
Alberta Corporate, Ltd.October 17, 2014Pure
All Risk Logistics, LLCDecember 21, 2015Special Purpose
All Star Inter Galactic Insurance, Inc.December 04, 2017Pure
Allegheny Insurance Company, Inc.November 12, 2020Pure
AMI Indemnity, Inc.July 01, 2021Protected Cell
AP Risk Management Corp. of NCMarch 01, 2023Pure
ARR Insurance, Inc.December 28, 2015Pure
Asbury Insurance, Inc.January 01, 2020Pure
Ascent Insurance Company, Inc.December 31, 2018Pure
Aspen Grove, Inc.September 30, 2016Protected Cell
Asturias Insurance Company, LLCDecember 31, 2021Pure
ATD 21, Inc.December 30, 2021Pure
Atlantic Coastal Insurance, Ltd.July 14, 2021Pure
Avanti Insurance Company, Inc.December 17, 2020Pure
AVG Insurance, Inc.October 01, 2021Pure
Azure Hills Insurance Company Ltd.December 21, 2016Pure
BCE Insurance, Inc.January 01, 2023Pure
Benjamin Ryan Insurance, Inc.April 16, 2018Pure
BHW Insurance Company, Inc.December 30, 2016Pure
Blue Cobalt Insurance, LLCDecember 31, 2020Pure
Blue Ox Insurance Company, Inc.December 15, 2019Pure
Blue Ridge Captive Solutions PCC, Inc.August 27, 2014Protected Cell
Brella Insurance Company, Inc.July 01, 2021Special Purpose
Brisk Insurance CompanyOctober 01, 2018Protected Cell
Bristol Grace Insurance, LLCDecember 15, 2017Pure
Broad Reach Reinsurance Company, Inc.November 01, 2017Special Purpose
Brookline Insurance Company LimitedNovember 22, 2017Pure
Builders Midwest Mutual LLCDecember 31, 2017Pure
Bulldog National Risk Retention Group, Inc.July 02, 2018RRG
Calgary Corporate, LTD.October 17, 2014Pure
Cambridge Corporate, Ltd.December 31, 2018Pure
Cannon Surety, LLCDecember 22, 2014Special Purpose
Canopy Risk Retention Group, Inc.October 16, 2018RRG
Captive Risk Management LLCNovember 19, 2014Protected Cell
Cardinal Group Insurance Company, Inc.January 01, 2023Protected Cell
Casualty Risk and Property, Inc.December 21, 2015Pure
Catalysis Insurance CompanyApril 15, 2021Pure
Catavert, LLCAugust 01, 2022Special Purpose
CCAC Captive Insurance CompanyDecember 15, 2015Pure
Century Insurance Company, Inc.December 20, 2021Pure
Chania Risk Management LLCDecember 30, 2017Pure
Charon Captive, Inc.December 30, 2016Pure
Chelsea Insurance CompanyDecember 01, 2020Protected Cell
Chesapeake Insurance Company, Inc.November 17, 2022Pure
Cheshire RE, LTD.October 17, 2014Pure
CIG Insurance Company, Inc., a Protected Cell Captive Insurance CompanyJune 09, 2014Protected Cell
Citadel Assurance CorporationMay 01, 2019Pure
Cobia Risk Management LLCDecember 30, 2017Pure
Consolidated Insurers LimitedDecember 31, 2022Special Purpose
Cornerstone Insurance Company, Inc.December 31, 2020Pure
County Hall Insurance Company, Inc., A Risk Retention GroupDecember 31, 2016RRG
CoverTran, Inc.January 01, 2018Pure
Crane and Industrial Insurance Group, Inc.September 30, 2014Pure
Crestline Insurance Company, Inc.December 19, 2022Pure
CRH Insurance, Inc.January 01, 2023Pure
Crystal Insurance Company, Inc.December 31, 2018Pure
CT Assurance, Inc.January 01, 2020Pure
Cyclonic Reinsurance Inc.May 15, 2015Special Purpose
DB Insurance, Inc.December 30, 2022Pure
Del Mar Risk Management, Inc.December 31, 2020Pure
Delta Captive, Inc.September 28, 2018Pure
Dermsea Insurance, Inc.December 31, 2017Pure
DME Insurers, LLCDecember 31, 2018Pure
Doctors Professional Liability Risk Retention Group, Inc.February 16, 2016RRG
Doral Insurance Company, Inc.December 31, 2016Pure
Dream Captive Insurer, Inc.November 30, 2022Pure
Eagle Builders Insurance Company Risk Retention Group, Inc.February 03, 2017RRG
East Coast Insured, Inc.January 01, 2018Pure
Eastern Lake Insurance, Inc.December 31, 2017Pure
EcoShield Insurance, Inc.December 31, 2022Pure
Edgewater Insurance Company, Inc.December 22, 2017Pure
Edmonton Corporate Ltd.October 17, 2014Pure
EDS Insurance CompanyDecember 31, 2020Pure
EGA Insurance, Inc.December 18, 2015Special Purpose
Electra Insurance Company, Inc.December 22, 2020Pure
Ellicott Risk Management LLCDecember 30, 2017Pure
Embroker Captive Insurance Company, Inc.January 01, 2022Protected Cell
Employees First Insurance Company PCCJanuary 01, 2022Protected Cell
Encompass Insurance Company, Inc.December 20, 2022Pure
Endurance Insurance Company, Inc.July 11, 2022Pure
Erin Corporate, Ltd.October 01, 2015Pure
Everest Insurance Company, Inc.December 30, 2018Pure
Evolution Insurance Company Inc.November 01, 2016Pure
Family Captive Insurance CompanyDecember 28, 2015Pure
Fermont Corporate, Ltd.October 01, 2015Pure
Fidelity Capital Insurance Company, Inc.December 30, 2019Pure
First Northern Insurance, Inc.August 01, 2021Pure
FLASK Insurance, Inc.December 27, 2019Pure
FleetShield Insurance Company, Inc. a Risk Retention GroupJune 11, 2021RRG
Fortified Insurance Corp.December 29, 2017Pure
Fortress CIC, Inc.March 01, 2017Pure
Foundation Insurance Company, Inc.December 31, 2022Pure
Foxen Insurance Company, Inc.October 01, 2020Protected Cell
Franklin Insurance, LLCDecember 30, 2015Protected Cell
Garden Indemnity, Inc.December 30, 2016Protected Cell
GC Insurance Company, Inc.December 29, 2017Pure
Georgian Dijon Captive Insurance CompanyJanuary 01, 2017Pure
GHAZP Insurance Company, IncMay 20, 2022Pure
Gibraltar Insurance Company, Inc.October 29, 2020Pure
Golden Insurance Company, a Risk Retention GroupDecember 29, 2017RRG
Goma Assurance Company, Inc.December 30, 2016Pure
Goshen Insurance CompanyDecember 01, 2016Pure
Graceland Insurance Company, LLCDecember 30, 2016Pure
Great Lakes Mutual Insurance, LLCDecember 31, 2016Pure
Great Republic Assurance, Ltd.November 01, 2018Protected Cell
Halcyon Insurance Group, Ltd.December 30, 2016Pure
HatterasRe, Ltd.November 23, 2020Protected Cell
HealthCap Assurance, Inc.December 31, 2014Protected Cell
Healthcare Captive LLCJanuary 01, 2022Pure
Healthcare Professional Long Term Care Risk Retention Group, Inc.February 01, 2021RRG
Healthcare Professional Risk Retention Group, Inc. ("HPRRG")June 26, 2018RRG
HEC III Assurance, Inc.December 27, 2019Pure
HIG Insurance Company, Inc. a Protected Cell Captive Insurance CompanyDecember 31, 2019Protected Cell
Highland Assurance Company, Inc.December 22, 2017Pure
Hilltop Insurance Company, Inc.December 23, 2016Pure
Homestead Insurance Company, Inc.December 31, 2018Pure
HSG Captive, Inc.December 29, 2017Pure
Huynh Family Insurance Company LLCDecember 31, 2022Pure
Indorama Ventures Insurance Company USAMarch 31, 2021Pure
Innovative Health Insurance Company PCCJanuary 01, 2022Protected Cell
Innovative Risk and Insurance Solutions, Inc.May 01, 2023Protected Cell
Insgleki Insurance Co, Inc.August 11, 2017Pure
Insuropolis Indemnity CompanyJanuary 01, 2019Protected Cell
Integra Insurance Company, Inc.December 15, 2016Pure
Inter West Assurance, Ltd.December 31, 2016Pure
J. Squared Insurance, Inc.December 15, 2016Pure
JB Risk, Inc.December 30, 2021Pure
JD Insurance Services, Inc.December 31, 2020Pure
Juris Risk Management, LLCDecember 31, 2020Pure
Kemper Insurance Company, Inc.December 23, 2016Pure
Kennington Corporate, LTD.October 17, 2014Pure
Knox Reinsurance Company Inc.July 01, 2019Protected Cell
Kohanim Risk Associates, Inc.December 23, 2020Pure
Kuma Risk Management, LLCDecember 31, 2020Protected Cell
Lee Financial CorporationJanuary 01, 2015Special Purpose
Left Point Assurance Group, Inc.December 31, 2021Pure
LFI Insurance, Inc.December 31, 2020Pure
Liberty Assurance and Risk Management Company, Inc.December 29, 2014Protected Cell
Lion Fish Insurance Management, LLCDecember 31, 2018Pure
LJA Insurance CompanySeptember 01, 2021Pure
Logistics Insurance Company, Inc.January 01, 2021Pure
Longbranch Insurance Company, Inc.December 28, 2021Pure
Lotus Insurance Company, Inc.December 23, 2016Pure
Luka Risk Management LLCDecember 30, 2017Pure
Lux Indemnity, Inc.January 01, 2022Pure
Lyttleton Insurance, LLCDecember 31, 2022Pure
Madison Assurance, Inc.December 27, 2016Pure
MAFS Tenant Legal Liability Captive, Inc.July 01, 2022Protected Cell
Manchester Insurance Company, Inc.January 01, 2020Pure
Manitoba Corporate, LTD.October 17, 2014Pure
Marietta Insurance, Inc.February 15, 2019Pure
Mastwood Insurance Company Inc.December 20, 2016Pure
MCC Property Insurance Company, Inc.December 31, 2017Pure
MCFT Insurance CompanyDecember 29, 2017Pure
Meridian Re CompanyJanuary 01, 2022Special Purpose
Metrolina Mutual Insurance, LLCJanuary 01, 2017Pure
Millenia Assurance, Inc.December 31, 2017Protected Cell
MLH Insurance, Inc.January 01, 2023Pure
MM Captive, Inc.February 01, 2022Pure
Momentum Insurance Company, Inc.December 23, 2016Pure
Montclair Mutual, LLCDecember 31, 2015Pure
Montreal Corporate, LtdDecember 29, 2015Pure
Moose River Insurance CompanyDecember 15, 2016Pure
MPKM Indemnity, Inc.November 08, 2017Pure
MRM Insurance Company IncDecember 16, 2016Pure
Multifamily Risk Group, Inc.November 01, 2020Protected Cell
N & M Insurance Company, LLCDecember 31, 2020Pure
NA Insurance Company, Inc.December 10, 2015Pure
National Fidelity Reinsurance Company, Inc.June 01, 2017Special Purpose
New England Risk Management LLCDecember 30, 2017Pure
New World Insurance CompanyDecember 09, 2022Pure
Newcastle Insurance Company, Inc.December 01, 2021Pure
NF Insurance, LLCOctober 01, 2016Pure
NGS Capital, Inc.August 01, 2020Pure
Noir Casualty Group, Inc.December 15, 2021Pure
Nola Risk Management LLCDecember 30, 2017Pure
North Carolina Police Benevolent Legal Benefit Plan, Inc.October 01, 2017Pure
Novant Health Casualty, LLCAugust 15, 2016Protected Cell
Oak Harbor Reinsurance CompanyNovember 25, 2019Protected Cell
Oakridge Insurance, Inc.December 22, 2020Pure
Ocmulgee Concrete Services Captive, IncDecember 27, 2018Pure
Odyssey Insurance Company, Inc.December 22, 2017Pure
Old Republic Residual Market Insurance CompanyJanuary 01, 2020Pure
Ontario Corporate, LTD.October 17, 2014Pure
Optima Insurance Company, Inc.December 31, 2016Pure
Orion Indemnity, Ltd.December 28, 2017Pure
OSP RE, Inc.December 01, 2016Protected Cell
Oswald Re, Inc.October 01, 2020Protected Cell
OTS Captive Insurance CompanyDecember 31, 2020Pure
Ottawa Corporate LTD.October 17, 2014Special Purpose
Outer Banks Risk Solutions, Inc.December 07, 2016Protected Cell
Oxford Insurance Company NC LLCDecember 15, 2015Special Purpose - Series LLC
Pacific Link Indemnity, Inc.December 31, 2020Pure
Pacific Northern Indemnity Company, Inc.December 29, 2022Pure
PAG Insurance Company Inc.December 31, 2015Pure
Parkhill Insurance Company, Inc.May 15, 2022Protected Cell
Pavilion Insurance CompanyJanuary 01, 2022Pure
Perdue Insurance Company, Inc.November 30, 2021Pure
Platinum Insurance Company, Inc.December 20, 2022Pure
Pleasant Valley Indemnity Inc.April 01, 2022Pure
Plott Insurance, IncDecember 29, 2017Pure
Polaris Insurance Company, Inc.January 01, 2022Pure
Primera Insurance Company, Inc.December 28, 2022Pure
Professional United Risk Management, LLCJune 21, 2022Pure
Providence Insurance Company Ltd.December 31, 2020Pure
PRRK Assurance, Inc.December 28, 2017Pure
PRYMUS INSURANCE COMPANY, PCCAugust 01, 2020Protected Cell
Quebec Corporate, LTD.October 17, 2014Pure
Quincy Street Risk Management LLCDecember 30, 2017Pure
Ranger Special Risk, Inc.May 01, 2020Pure
RCS Indemnity, Inc.July 01, 2020Pure
Redbridge Insurance Company, Inc.December 16, 2021Pure
Regarded Insurance Company, Inc.December 29, 2022Pure
Regina Corporate, LTD.October 17, 2014Pure
Reliable Insurance Management, LLCAugust 31, 2014Pure
Republic Reinsurance Company, Inc.December 09, 2019Special Purpose
Resident Protect, Inc.June 15, 2022Pure
RHM Captive, Inc.March 01, 2023Pure
RTM Assurance, Inc.September 30, 2016Pure
Sage Family Assurance, Inc.July 01, 2022Special Purpose
SAP Insurance, Inc.March 01, 2017Special Purpose
SCIP Insurance Company, Inc.November 01, 2022Pure
Seaport Risk Management, LLCDecember 31, 2020Pure
Sherbrooke Corporate, Ltd.June 05, 2018Pure
Signal Insurance Company, Inc.December 30, 2022Pure
Skyline Insurance Company, IncMarch 29, 2019Pure
Smart Insurance Company, Inc.December 31, 2021Pure
SNF HTF I, Inc.March 01, 2020Pure
Soteria Insurance Company, Inc.October 15, 2021Pure
South Circle Insurance Company, Inc.December 29, 2017Pure
Southern Safe Insurance LimitedAugust 01, 2014Protected Cell
Southland National Reinsurance CorporationDecember 31, 2014Pure
Southwind Risk Retention Group, Inc.December 29, 2021RRG
SP RE, Inc.December 29, 2021Pure
Sponsored Captive Re, Inc.June 13, 2014Protected Cell
SRK Insurance, LLCOctober 15, 2014Pure
SSI Insurance Company, Inc.July 01, 2018Pure
Standard Trane Insurance CompanyOctober 15, 2017Pure
Statesman Insurance Company, Inc.December 20, 2022Pure
Stratas Insurance Company, Inc.December 22, 2017Pure
Sunshine Insurance Company, Inc.December 22, 2022Pure
Super Shield Enterprises, Inc.December 31, 2022Pure
Synergy Insurance, Inc., a Protected Cell Captive Insurance CompanyDecember 31, 2013Protected Cell
TABS Insurance, Inc.December 01, 2016Special Purpose
Talon Insurance Company, INc.December 05, 2019Pure
Thrace Insurance LLCMay 01, 2022Pure
Tiburon Insurance Company, Inc.December 22, 2020Pure
Tint Captive Insurance Company Inc.March 01, 2022Protected Cell
Titus Re Protected Cell Company, LLCSeptember 01, 2020Protected Cell
TJR Risk Management, Ltd.September 01, 2021Pure
Toronto Corporate, LTD.October 17, 2014Pure
Triangle RGK Insurance Company, Inc.March 15, 2021Pure
Trident Insurance Company, Inc.November 25, 2022Pure
Trinprop Insurance, Inc.June 01, 2018Pure
Triumph Assurance Company, Inc.December 31, 2021Protected Cell
True Integrity Insurance Company, Inc.January 01, 2023Pure
Turbo Kid Insurance, Inc.December 17, 2015Pure
United States Maritime Insurance CompanyDecember 29, 2017Special Purpose
Upland Insurance Company, Inc.December 22, 2020Pure
Uplands Corporate, LTD.October 17, 2014Pure
URG Insurance Company, Inc.December 22, 2017Protected Cell
Valor Insurance Company, Inc.December 05, 2019Pure
Vancouver Corporate, LTD.October 17, 2014Pure
Variable Risk Management, LLCFebruary 01, 2022Pure
Vault Health Captive, LLCApril 01, 2017Protected Cell
Virginia Interlocal Risk Sharing Association ReJuly 01, 2018Protected Cell
Vision Insurance Company, Inc.December 22, 2021Pure
Vista Insurance Company, Inc.December 21, 2022Pure
VT Insurance Company, Inc.December 22, 2017Pure
Walnut Indemnity, Inc.December 30, 2016Protected Cell
Waterbury Fidelity, Inc.December 31, 2014Protected Cell
Wheeler Assurance, Inc.December 28, 2018Pure
White River Protection, Inc.March 23, 2022Pure
Wilshire Insurance Enterprises, Inc.October 31, 2014Protected Cell
Windsor RE, LTD.October 17, 2014Pure
Wyndhurst Re LLCJanuary 01, 2023Protected Cell
Yukon Corporate LTD.July 24, 2014Pure
ZIG Indemnity, Inc.November 12, 2021Pure
Zynergia Insurance Company, Inc.January 01, 2022Protected Cell